to find poetry in the likeliest of places, to find poetry in the unlikeliest of places, to collect it all into a treasure chest more valuable than pirate's booty, shinier than diamonds, and with weight more expensive than gold

Time flows in strange ways on Sundays…

—Haruki Murakami, 1Q84 (via introspectivepoet)

When Rouhani says blaming ISIS on Islam is Islamophobic, is anyone listening?

As you surely know, anti-Semitism is in the news. The New York Times did a big piece on anti-Semitism in Europe, saying that even if you don’t like Israel you can’t blame Jews and Judaism for Israel’s actions. You have to separate the two: “as European criticism of Israel… [has] hardened, many Jews describe a blurring of distinctions between being anti-Israel and being anti-Jew.”

OK, point taken. There’s no excuse for hating Jews, even if Israel just massacred 500 Palestinian children.

But then where’s the big piece on the scourge of Islamophobia? Yesterday I heard Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s excellent speech from Sept. 25 to the UN General Assembly on CSPAN. Rouhani said that when the western media blame Al Qaeda’s terrorism or ISIS’s beheadings on “radical Islam,” it’s smearing Islam. Islam has nothing to do with this violence. It’s anti-western violence, reflecting a history of colonialism and continued western meddling and slaughter in the region.

If you’re going to say that Judaism has nothing to do with Israel’s massacres, then for God’s sake, our press should be covering Rouhani’s argument against Islamophobia!”

It’s not a matter of old or new forms; a person writes without thinking about any forms, he writes because it flows freely from his soul.

—Anton Chekhov, The Seagull, Act IV (1896)

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The vast majority of college-age guys and twenty-something men I meet are engaged and smart about women’s issues – men, too, are horrified by sexual violence. Men don’t think rape is OK, or funny, or something to be taken lightly. Many men have witnessed (or experienced) domestic or sexual violence firsthand; these are issues that have touched – and hurt – their lives as well.

So please understand that when I say this, I say it with deep respect and empathy for your real-life experience:

Men, you need to do more.

—I wrote about how men can help stop rape at the Guardian US. (via jessicavalenti)